About us

Ivgi-Sitton Architects, founded in 2006, located in Kvar Saba

Operated by Shimon Ivgi (B.Arch University Tel Aviv) and Gali Ivgi-Sitton (B.Arch University Tel Aviv), with many years of experience in a wide variety of areas including different measure of scales, private houses, interior design, public structures, residential neighborhoods, rental structures, offices, and commercial complexes.

We are highly experienced in ecological building, advanced prefabrication, and building from alternative materials.

We believe that the structure is a joint project between the architect and the client. This creates a product that is individual and uniquely tailored to the requirements of the customer. It allows the dreams and needs to come together throughout the process and in the final result.

The planning process of a residential house is highly personal. We dedicate our creativity, caring, talent, and experience to a professional design which takes into account quality and budget.

the office

Shimon Ivgi: Born in 1973. Cheif architect, graduated from Tel Aviv University in 2000 with B.Arch degree. Experience includes landscape planning and development (Architecture Office of Landscaping Bruce Levin), public structures (train station at the Beer Sheva University while at the Architecture Office of Danny Lazar), together with the late architect, Yuval Amir, designed and managed the building of residential houses, and interior design of offices and public buildings.
Gali Sitton-Ivgi: Born in 1974. Cheif architect, graduated from Tel Aviv University in 2001 with B.Arch degree with honors, and art studies. Experiencebincludes landscape planning and development, urban planning and design (Architecture Office of Landscaping of Professor Gidon Sharig), and design of residential houses, and complex structures with the late architect, Yuval Amir.
Shiran Kitariel: Born in 1988, Architectural Engineer, graduated from Rupin Colledge in 2011 with honors. Employed since 2012.
Brenda Moyger: Borm in 1987, Architectural Engineer, graduated from Shankar Colledge in 2013. Employed since 2015.
Trazsa Etaiel: Borm in 1993, Architectural Engineer, graduated from Ariel University in 2015 with honors. Employed since 2015.