Yivgi Sitton Architects

Our firm is involved in the design and construction of a wide range of projects on varying scales. Our ventures include private homes, public buildings, saturated construction, offices, and commercial structures. In all of our projects, we invest the entirety of our years of experience, creativity, and talent to reach each client's personal aspirations and requirements in a collaborative, professional and enjoyable process.


The planning

Proper design is a complex responsiblity comprising of the following principles:

  • location of the structure in terms of direction, taking advantage of air and light, and the general appearance of the constuction in relation to its surroundings. We need to take into account surrounding exterior area as well as its interaction with the interior area.
  • division of space according to proper function of the construction, with an emphasis on movement in the structure, and the separation of the structure between pulic and private areas.
  • Creating a complete and harmonious design expression while considering the minor and major features with equal importance, without compromising on the functionality of the structure, and without surrendering to unprofessional archictural whims.

Leading projects in the following stages:

  • Equivalent expectations between the desires and aspirations of the client and the architect. The design concept is unique to each project and is tailored to the specific needs of the individual family.
  • Preparing a detailed budget to control the project financing
  • Preparing all the necessary documents from obtaining a building permit, and throughout the building process
  • Preparing complete working plans from the contracts to the execution. Assistance in choosing various professionals.
  • Accompanying the client in the construction until completion, paying close attention to the finishing touches. Supporting the client throughout the building process including selecting the finishing materials, color matching, and material textures together with the client.